Russia against the Western way of love – Polina Aronson | Aeon Essays

Anyway, I wasn’t going to link this, partially because it’s 5 years old (pocket tricked me) and partially because I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but I’m still thinking about it two days later, so I guess I have no choice.

The thing that gets to me is that I feel like 1) there is an experience I have that is definitionally and necessarily under the domain of the Regime of Fate, but 2) the way I live my life and conduct my relationships is under the Domain of Choice.

And I feel like that’s the case because while I “believe” experientially in the “fate,” I don’t believe that “fate” provisions one and only one chance. Like, fate can be a thing you find out about later, or build the conditions for, or that comes around again (and maybe even again).

Like, I recently saw the 2009 adaptation of Emma, which made me feel things where most other adaptations (including Clueless) don’t because it felt to me not like the tack most take, “you thought you were learnèd and wise but actually you couldn’t see how this man is perfect for you” and more like “you thought you had mastered the rules to the game but actually life is not chess, it is messy and with fuzzy categories, now will you dare to step outside and grasp your happiness or not?”

Or maybe it’s a bad article that oversimplifies a complicated situation! Who’s to say :P

Russia against the Western way of love – Polina Aronson | Aeon Essays

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